auto repair December 13, 2017

Auto Repair Mechanics near Fairfax Station, VA

Today’s cars that you see driving up and down the street have become more and more computerized and so has the job of your auto repair mechanic near Fairfax Station, VA. Innovations in the automotive industry have gradually transformed the way an auto repair mechanic performs work on vehicles.

What use to be a trade of mechanical ability is now primarily technical ability and requires technicians to be highly skilled computer users, keen readers, and mathematicians.

Even though auto repair mechanics work on traditional mechanical systems including engines, transmissions, and drive belts, they also need to be familiar with electronic systems. Braking, transmission, and steering systems are controlled mostly by computers and electronic components.

What Auto Repair Mechanics Do

  • Identify vehicle problems usually with the help of computerized diagnostic equipment.
  • Plan out their work to fix the problem by using technical manuals and by experience.
  • Test parts and systems of the vehicle to make sure they function properly.
  • Follow checklists to make certain all critical parts are observed.
  • Perform normal maintenance including oil change, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires.
  • Repair or replace any defective or worn part including brake pads, wheel bearings, and sensors.
  • Complete all repairs to the manufacturer's specifications and the customer's satisfaction.
  • Explains issues and repairs which are required to keep customer’s vehicle running and safe.

What use to take hours to diagnose your vehicle’s problem, may now only take about 30 minutes with the help of computers. The growing market for hybrid cars is increasing the demand for technicians who are a mastery of electrical systems. In- car entertainment such as smartphones and back seat TV screens requires an auto repair mechanic near Fairfax Station, VA, to have electronic and computer-savvy skills to be able to compete in the trade of auto technicians.

Computers have pretty much taken over our world, and our vehicles are no different. Computers control almost everything on your vehicle including braking, engine management, heated seats, fuel consumption and more. Today's auto repair mechanics have to be prepared to face all facets of auto repair and be skilled at tracing problems to its source with the newest innovation.

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