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How to Find Tire Dealers in Burke, VA Who Help You Buy the Right Tires

Buying the right vehicle tires in Burke, VA, can feel overwhelming, especially if you decide to choose tires other than your vehicle's Original Equipment (OE). When researching replacement tires search by tire size or by your vehicle make and model. The tire industry uses standardized systematic identification based on these two pieces of information.

As many of us have to admit, our tires are probably the most neglected but most important pieces of safety equipment on our vehicle. Maybe that’s why I was personally surprised that when I visit tire dealers more emphasis isn’t placed on customer education. Remember, your tires are the only thing that come between you and the road surface. I can’t think of anything else I buy that has a more significant impact on my daily safety than my vehicle tires.

That’s the first criteria to use when shopping for new tires. Do tire dealers in Burke, VA offer customer education on the importance of tires?

While many tire dealers are busy hitting quota or selling the “it” product of the season being hyped by the manufacturer, reputable tire dealers in Burke will take the time to ask you questions, understand your driving patterns, and find a tire that is just right for your vehicle. There’s the second criteria. Are tire dealers so busy selling tires that they overlook my specific needs?

Criteria number three - shop several different tire dealers in Burke, VA to get a flavor for their operation, the way they serve their customers, and how their staff can help you with product knowledge, vehicle driving information, and how different tires would best suit your driving habits.

When you visit tire dealers make sure to bring your vehicle manual to reference the manufacturer tire recommendations. You may also want to be familiar with the uniform tire rating system and how it communicates basic tire specifications.

All vehicle tires have an alphanumeric tire code molded into the sidewall. New tires usually have ratings for traction, treadwear, and temperature resistance (known as The Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) ratings). The tire code specifies the tire dimensions and key parameters, including load-bearing limits and maximum safe speed. In the USA the Department of Transportation has the DOT code, but the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) issues a metric code for regulation of technical standards for all tires Here’s a brief on reading the tire code:

Tire Code Description Diagram

215: Tread width in millimeters; the wider the tire, the stronger the grip. Decreases gas mileage because of greater frictional resistance. Road noise increases due to the larger road contact area. Anticipate shorter emergency braking distances as tires widen.

65: Sidewall height; a taller sidewall equals better cushioning for greater comfort. Steering response can be reduced. Changing to a larger sidewall changes your speedometer reading. It will seem you are going slower than you are due to a larger tire rotation.

15: Rim diameter; the measurement from one side of the tire rim to the other directly across. The diameter in inches of the wheel that this particular tire is manufactured to fit.

Different product attributes such as the rubber compound and the engineering of the tread design all affect the reliability and performance of each tire. If you are shopping for an exact replacement of your Original Factory Equipment (OE) then these are the properties you should expect from your new tires when they are installed.

No matter what type of vehicle you drive you can find a reliable tire dealer that clearly operates with your best interest in mind. If you have been to other tire dealers in Burke, VA and haven’t received the courteous, prompt service you expect, come to Wiygul Automotive Clinic. We are here to help you buy the right tires for your vehicle and get you safely back on the road in no time.

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