auto repair January 03, 2018

Know the Signs That it’s Time for Transmission Repair in Burke, VA

Many transmission problems can be prevented with regular factory-recommended maintenance. But with wear and tear over time, many vehicles eventually require some type of transmission repair in Burke, VA.

There are two basic types of transmissions in modern vehicles - manual and automatic. While they differ in configuration, both transmission types perform the same critical function of transferring, applying, and controlling power generated by the engine to the driveshaft and wheels.

Your transmission is the most complex component of your car’s electro-mechanical system. Because of their complexity, continuous use, and location, buried deep inside each vehicle, transmission repairs in Burke, VA, fall into a wide range of severity. It is best to have one of the ASE-certified mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic investigate your transmission when you first encounter a problem. Using high-tech diagnostic equipment our skilled mechanics can best isolate the cause of your transmission performance problems and recommend appropriate transmission repairs.

Since the transmission is a closed system, there aren’t many things the average driver can do themselves. Changing a car’s transmission fluid as recommended by the owner’s manual and getting the transmission flushed on a regular basis is the best way to maintain your transmission while avoiding more expensive transmission repairs. But it is important to know that, because your transmission provides such a vital function in the safe and efficient operation of your car, catching problems early and completing prompt transmission repair in Burke, VA, can save you the thousands of dollars it would cost to rebuild or replace your transmission.

Be alert for the signature signs that your vehicle may need transmission repair in Burke, VA, that can include:

  • illumination of your dashboard “check engine” light
  • engine knocking, grinding, grating, and other odd sounds
  • feeling your car “slip” between gear changes
  • engine stalling or unresponsiveness to accelerator pedal pressure
  • an inability to place your car into reverse
  • fresh wet fluid leaks under your vehicle
  • a burnt or rotten smell emanating from the engine
  • complete power loss
  • inconsistent shift speed or a lag in response
  • difficulty moving the gearshift handle

The cost of transmission repair depends on the nature of the problem and the make, model, and year of your vehicle. When your car exhibits signs of transmission problems or failure, visit the reputable mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic, and have confidence in the diagnoses, cost and quality of your transmission repair in Burke, VA.

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