auto repair January 04, 2018

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket Means your Vehicle Needs Service

When you think of all of the things that can go wrong with your car, the head gasket is probably not top of mind. But as many motorists in the Burke, VA area know, just because you think the vehicle is driving normally, that doesn't always mean that everything is ok. Knowing what to look for when a head gasket begins to fail is one way to avoid the extensive damage that can occur when the head gasket fails. Pay attention to what your vehicle is telling you and avoid being stranded, and stuck with an even larger repair bill.

  • Coolant leaking from the water pump is one major indicator of a failing head gasket. Our mechanics can pressure-test the engine and narrow down the options of where the leak may be occurring.
  • A leaking radiator, overheating, white-colored or sweet-smelling exhaust and green-tinted spark plugs are all signs the head gasket is wearing, broken or on its way to that status.
  • When you see white smoke coming from your tailpipe, it is time to stop in at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for an inspection. This is typically a sign you are losing coolant through the overflow valve, which is not a good thing.
  • Smell the radiator (when it's cool). If the odor is oil, dark or heavy smelling you probably have high back pressure coming through your radiator cap with is another indicator of a head gasket problem.
  • Regularly check the coolant level if you suspect you have a head gasket problem in your car, truck or SUV. When the coolant is low, the vehicle can quickly overheat and lead to a blown engine.
  • When the heat is on in your vehicle, and it operates normally while driving but not when stopped at an idle, this is normally a sign your head gasket is need of replacement.

For more information on head gasket replacement, stop in and see our trained technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic before it's too late.

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