tires January 13, 2018

How to Buy Automotive Tires in Burke, VA

If you are like most people in Burke, VA, buying automotive tires is about as far down on your list of things you want to do with your time and money, but unfortunately, it’s something all car owners must do eventually. Picking out the right replacement tire can mean either a smooth, quiet ride or one where there is a constant whining and possibly the continuous shaking of your hands and arms from the vibration of your steering wheel or pounding your neck from the shaking tires beneath you. The wrong automotive tire could also scare you when your vehicle does a tailspin in the pouring down rain.

If you were pleased with the tires you had, the simplest way to buy replacement tires would be to buy the exact same tire. The original tires that came on your vehicle, if you purchased it new, were designed to complement the features of your vehicle giving you the best performance tire for a smooth and quiet ride. If you were pleased with the ride your old tires provided you, go with automotive tires that are the exact same match of your original equipment tires. Now if your traction in the rain, especially in deep water wasn’t up to your specifications, think back to when you first bought the vehicle. It could be just low tread, so you wouldn’t necessarily need different tires, just new ones.  See that was easy.

Original equipment tires can be expensive, but carmakers usually offer vehicles with at least two brands of tires. Your automotive tire dealer should be able to tell you the alternate brand, or you should be able to find it by surfing the web. Remember if you choose the sporty edition tire that was for a different trim level of your vehicle, these tires will have a harsher ride and littler traction in the snow.

Research different tires if you are wanting to make a change before going to your local automotive tire dealer so that you can get an idea of performance handling and prices. This way you will be aware of what you can afford and stick to your budget.

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