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Why are my tires wearing on the inside?

A customer recently brought their car in and asked “Why are my tires wearing on the inside?”

The inner part of the tire wearing down prematurely usually indicates camber wear which, unlike your car alignment in Fairfax Station, VA, would not cause your vehicle to pull to one side or the other so you may not notice a problem.  Excessive negative camber would make your wheels slant toward one another like this:

Camber Diagram for Tire Wear in Fairfax Station, VA

This minor change can rapidly lead to premature and uneven tread wear if the problem is not repaired in a timely fashion. A camber problem can be easily corrected, and tire rotation is smart and safe preventative auto maintenance in Fairfax Station, VA that prevents uneven tire wear.

Have an ASE-certified master mechanic do a comprehensive diagnostic inspection of all parts and systems that contribute to premature or uneven tread wear before performing any automotive service. Once the problem is accurately identified and repaired, ask that your car alignment in Fairfax Station, VA be adjusted to the manufacturer’s preferred settings.

Your mechanic will check to ensure your suspension & steering components are functioning properly, since there is a possibility your tire wear may be due to incorrect toe settings, worn ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings or worn or damaged springs that will need to be replaced before the alignment. If your vehicle is regularly maintained, a wheel alignment in Fairfax Station, VA should resolve the problem and bring the camber back  into equilibrium.

All vehicles are susceptible to tire wear and tear from everyday driving, but high-performance cars and vehicles that tow heavier loads have a higher risk of tires wearing on the inside. A 4-wheel car alignment in Fairfax Station, VA is recommended to equalize the camber so all four tires are parallel to one another and flat against the road surface. Properly aligned tires give you optimal tread wear, performance and fuel economy.

One big advantage of having Wiygul Automotive Clinic as your trusted auto service center – we perform regular, recommended auto maintenance in Fairfax Station, VA to catch simmering problems like this before they become dangerous or expensive. At Wiygul Automotive Clinic, we deliver your auto maintenance solutions and get you safely back on the road in no time.

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