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The Value of a Wheel Alignment in Burke, VA

Have you had concerns about your steering control, handling capabilities, or wheel alignment in Burke, VA, lately?

Proper wheel alignment consists of having the wheel alignment specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic adjust your wheel angles so they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. This equates to geometrically balanced drive capabilities that optimize your ability to steer, respond effectively to road hazards, and achieve optimized fuel efficiency in the process.

Many things affect how a vehicles rides and handles, including weight distribution, speed, road conditions, weather and wind. Having the auto care specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic check your wheel alignment in Burke, VA every 12,000 – 24,000 miles,  as indicated by tire wear or after hazardous roadway incidents, can

  • extend the safe performance life of your tires
  • improve your fuel efficiency
  • help maintain balanced wear of tire treads and your suspension system

At their state-of-the-art auto service facility the ASE-certified Wiygul Automotive Clinic mechanics and factory-trained technicians will perform precision wheel alignment in Burke, VA to assure consistent, maximum road surface contact and safe braking performance.

Burke Center Automotive also delivers personal attention along with great car care services. Use our digital dashboard to track your auto maintenance and repair history. Shop for Goodyear, Kelly and Dunlop tires while you wait for your onsite Virginia car inspection, or enjoy our complimentary wifi and all the latest news.

Whether you have immediate concerns about your wheel alignment in Burke, VA, or you’d like to schedule a service appointment, the auto care professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic can help you take good care of your car.

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