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Establishing Your Own Definition of Value Before Shopping Tire Sales in Burke, VA

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to shop tire sales in Burke, VA. But the most important factor in optimizing your discount potential is establishing your own definition of tire value.

Here are some criteria to consider:

  • Value will more likely come from a tire retailer with a full, fresh inventory of all major tires brands for every vehicle on the road.
    • Find an established tire retailer in Burke with a reputable full-service auto service center, and ask about complimentary mounting and balancing with your tire purchase.
    • The tire selection should represent reputable brands. Look for manufacturers including Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Kumho,  Hankook,  Firestone, Continental, and others.
    • There are two types of tires built specifically for more hazardous weather conditions – summer, or three-season tires, and all-season tires. Manufacturer authorized tire retailers promote certified dealer-only pricing for tire sales that can really save you money on standard seasonal selections.
    • While we all enjoy saving money, your driving safety is the primary objective when perusing tire sales. Always use the vehicle manufacturer’s tire specifications found in the owner’s manual and on the tire label inside the driver’s door or the glove box.
    • Make sure your tire retailer is an authorized Goodyear Tire Dealer.

    Why Goodyear? Goodyear generates more tire sales revenue than industry competitors. 112 years after its founding, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was selected by the Reputation Institute and Forbes magazine as one of the most respected companies in America. It ranked 16th in 2010 on the Forbes annual list of U.S. companies with the best reputations.


    Annual worldwide sales on over 66 million Goodyear tires sold in 2011 were a record $22.8 billion, up 21 percent from 2010. Goodyear leads the market and sets trends in tire sales, and that’s why.


    The chart below illustrates how Goodyear tire sales  stacked up against the competition in the North American market during 2010 and 2011:



    Graphic by Scott Marryweather Courtesy of Tire Business

    The type of vehicle you drive will influence your decision. A high-performance sports car has entirely different needs than a luxury SUV. Use your vehicle profile to target the tire sales that yield the best performance for your specific vehicle.

    Ultimately your driving conditions determine the type of tire sales you should shop. All-season tires are suitable for common rain showers. But, up the ante with tropical storms, substantial snowfall, or saturated terrain and you may need to consider wet weather or all-terrain tire sales.

    When driving on wet, slick roadways the performance edge goes to summer tires. However, if you drive on frozen surfaces or through snow during winter, an all-season tire is your better choice.

    Once you have selected the right tires for your vehicle and driving conditions, keep them primed – remember to check your tire tread depth and inflated air pressure once a month to get optimum performance and safety from your tires.

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