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Stats Show Drivers Need New Tires in Burke, VA

Vehicle inspections held across the country during 2012 revealed 77% of vehicles driving American roadways need some type of service or parts.  High on the list of common problems – drivers need new tires. Burke, VA motorists have lots of demands on their wallets, but new tires for public and personal safety are a top priority.

Conducted by the Car Care Council, the inspections showed 10% of vehicles had worn tire treads and needed new tires. Since your braking system and tires are the only thing between you and an accident, getting the best new tires for your vehicle that you can afford is critical to keeping you and everyone around you, safe on the road.

Some of the common reasons for buying new tires include:

  • Uneven tire surface wear accelerates replacement.
  • Temperature extremes and their nasty relatives, heat, ice, wind, and water, that punish even the most well-engineered tires.
  • Low tread depth indicates poor roadway adhesion and possible faulty braking
  • Visible signs of deterioration, such as cracks, tears, and bubbles.
  • Age – most industry standards agree on a 10 year lifespan for the average tires, but that obviously varies. Most important: don’t forget to check your spare.
  • If you store tires, deflate them to 50% and keep them standing to maintain their shape.

With the average age of US vehicles now at 11.4 years, a record-high, it is more important than ever to protect your safety, and hope other drivers are doing the same.

Take a look at your tires, or bring your vehicle to an ASE Certified mechanic for a visual inspection. Once you know it is time to buy new tires in Burke, VA, come on in to Wiygul Automotive Clinic Tire Center. We give you face-to-face, friendly service, and a wide selection of tires. Together, we can find the new tires you need to keep you safe on the road.

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