tires February 11, 2018

You Live In Burke, VA: You Need Snow Tires

Motorists who live in warm climates such as Florida or Texas may not need to know much about the difference between seasonal tires — they do not often worry about snow, salt, slush and ice on the roads. But as you travel the streets of Burke, Fairfax Station and Springfield, VA you most certainly will encounter at least one of these conditions daily during your wintertime commute. That said, you must know the difference between normal, everyday use tires and seasonal winter tires; your safety likely depends on it.

Many naysayers believe there is no difference between tires, unless you count the marketing tactics used to sell the tires. But the professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic know it is about a lot more than that. Here is why:

On the surface of a good winter or snow tire, it may appear the largest difference is simply a deeper and more aggressive tread pattern. While these differences do matter in the overall scheme of staying on the Fairfax Station, VA roads, there is also more to it than that.

The material used to make snow tires is different than traditional all-season tires; it is soft and porous. This compound allows the tires to remain soft and pliable even in sub-zero temperatures. An all-season tire can quickly become hard and slippery when the temperature drops, meaning it is less likely to gain traction and “stick” to the road.

An all-terrain tire is a better option than an all-season tire for navigating the winter roadways, and can get you through in a pinch. But, for the safest travels possible, always remember to give yourself plenty of time to travel and if you can, wait until after the rush hour traffic has cleared as well.

Stop in at Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Burke, VA today for a tire safety inspection. Our highly trained technicians can quickly assess your remaining tire life and suit you up with the appropriate tires if needed. When you need to be safe, you need to trust our trained technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

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