auto repair July 03, 2018

Does your car's A/C system need repairs?

Does your car’s A/C system need repairs? Temperatures are already in the 80s and approaching 90, so the summer heat and humidity are almost on top of us.

Every car owner should have their air conditioner checked annually. Wiygul Automotive recommends doing this while the weather is still cool. It is much better to sit and spend a morning in one of our clinics, before you need it on a day when traffic has you at a standstill directly under the afternoon sun with the windows down desperate for a breeze.

The first sign that a car’s A/C needs to be checked is when it takes longer to cool off after turning it on. Shortly after that, a driver begins to notice that the airflow is warmer and slower than it used to be. There may also be an odor that becomes noticeable the longer the car is in operation.

With more than 40 years working on cars in Virginia, Wiygul Automotive has developed a diagnostic, service, and repair system that gets the most out of every car’s A/C and puts it back on the road as quickly as possible. We start with a complete inspection of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and receiver dryers. A computer diagnostic tells us which of these parts in your car’s A/C system need repairs and the extent of the problem.

Often the diagnostic tells us that the system is fully operational. The problem is usually then that the Freon level is low or there is a clog in the system. Low Freon levels are often simple to fix. One of our technicians recharges the system and brings the level back to normal to blow cold air into the car again.

Low Freon can also result in clogs though. When there is not enough to keep the A/C system fully operational, tiny bits of metal flake off. These flakes travel through the hard lines of the system and work their way into the condenser. It does not mean that this or other parts of your car’s A/C system need repair, just that they need to be cleaned out. If not dealt with quickly though, enough metal flakes accumulate and cause damage.

The cost for repair depends on what needs to be replaced, repaired, or recharged. To perform a complete evacuation and recharge of the air conditioning system, Wiygul Automotive Clinics charge a flat fee of $170.00. Our technicians are trained on every major automotive brand, domestic and foreign. We provide a 24-month warranty on all services.

So, once again, does your car’s A/C system need repairs? If the answer is yes, or even maybe, bring it to one of our automotive clinics in Maryland and Virginia. Call us today at 866-702-8050 with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

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