maintenance June 19, 2017

9 ways to keep your car cool in the summer

The heat is rising, which means summer weather will soon be here to stay.  We’ve all been there. On a hot summer day, we return to our parked car after a long, hard day of work or lounging on the beach. When we open the door, we’re met by a burst of hot air that makes us feel like we’re about to melt! There’s nothing to do but get in the car and crank the air conditioner on HIGH.

Obviously, there’s nothing we can do about the summer heat; however, there are a variety of things we can do to offset the way it affects the interior of our cars. Here are 9 suggestions:

1) Use a windhield sunshade

This simple yet effective method will offset the hot temperatures throughout the summer. Put up a sunshade and/or window visor every time you exit your car for more than a few minutes.

2) Use a dash cover

A fabric or upholstered dash cover can make your car's interior more comfortable. The heat won’t be as intense to the touch and dash covers also protect sensitive vinyl from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading.

3) Cover your steering wheel with a hand towel

Having a good grip on the steering wheel while driving is important. For your comfort and safety, cover your steering wheel with a small towel. This will help keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down.

4) Park in a shady area

If possible, park in a shady area or parking garage. If you’re going to be away from your car for an extended period of time, it's probably worth it to walk a bit farther to be able to park in the shade (and it’s good exercise, too!)

5) Keep windows slightly cracked

Never keep your windows fully open, but a slight crack will allow ventilation to keep your car cool. If your car has a sun roof you can also tilt it to allow some air to circulate. (Just look at the forecast for the chance of rain!)

6) Purchase a solar-powered fan

Combined with cracked windows, a solar-powered fan can make your car feel downright pleasant during even the hottest summer days. These simple fans work to expel hot air from your car. The constant air circulation helps lower your car's overall temperature.

7) Put blankets over your seats

Hot buns taste good but they don’t feel good! Vinyl or leather seats become very hot when exposed to sunlight and high temperatures. To keep your seats cool, throw blankets over them. Keeping your seats cool will make your car more pleasant on hot summer days.

8) Invest In Window Tinting

Tinting your vehicle windows is a good way to keep the interior of it much cooler. (Keep in mind, each state has different laws regarding how dark of a tint can be applied.)

9) Invest in a Remote Start

With the push of a button, a remote start will turn your vehicle on before you enter (ranging anywhere from 1 mile to 1500 feet). You can set the AC to HIGH and have your vehicle cooled down in no time!

We all love warmer weather, but let’s not allow that scorching sun to become too dangerous in our vehicles. Did you know that the inside of a vehicle can be up to 20 to 30 degrees warmer than the air outside? Wiygul Automotive Clinic wants to use this moment to remind everyone that it is EXTREMELY dangerous to leave children or animals in a vehicle during the summer months, for ANY length of time. NEVER DO THIS!

We hope everyone has a safe, fun summer!

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