auto maintenance December 11, 2017

Spring Car Care Tips To Get You On The Road To Summer

Winter is nearly over and spring is in the air. Many drivers in the Burke, VA area are looking toward warmer weather wondering what they should focus on in terms of auto maintenance. Spring cleaning goes one step further when it comes to your car. Use this guide to ensure you vehicle is ready for the road to summer after a long, cold Burke, VA winter.

  • Get that road salt off the undercarriage of your car. It will do damage to the car by eating away the metal. A good, thorough car wash should do the trick.
  • Always check the tire pressure as the weather changes. Tire pressure changes about one-pound for every 10 degree change in temperature.
  • Keep your windshield clear with new wiper blades.
  • Always rotate your tires, this should ideally be done every 5,000-10,000 miles. This will extend the life of your tires tremendously.
  • Time for an oil change, especially if you used heavier oil in the winter.
  • Breathe clean air by changing your air filter. The air filter prevents dust and other debris from entering the engine, and a dirty filter will hamper performance.

Stop in today and see the professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for all of your auto maintenance needs and more. Our trained specialists will have you back on the road to summer before you know it.

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