auto maintenance December 11, 2017

Spring Auto Maintenance Tips For Northern Virginia Drivers

Think of it as spring training for your car if you will, but spring auto maintenance is a necessary activity that should be given priority status on your to-do list. Just as homeowners spend time outdoors each spring, cleaning leaving and debris from the lawn, auto owners should spend some time making sure their vehicle is functioning as it should.

After spending months shoveling snow and clearing sidewalks, think of spring auto maintenance as a sign of warmer temperatures and outdoor fun that is just around the corner. Begin your spring auto maintenance with tire replacement. If you followed our advice for winter driving safety, you invested in quality winter tires for your vehicle, and now is the time to alternate back to all season radials for the rest of the year.

If you did not switch to winter driving tires, now is the time for tire rotation. When you rotate the tires, you ensure the tread on each of the tires is wearing evenly which not only extends the life of the tire, but also increases the safety of the vehicle passengers. Braking and handling is improved greatly when you rotate the tires, making driving on the wet spring roads that much safer.

Inspect your wiper blades after they were worked hard during the winter months. If you installed winter wiper blades, now is the time to change them back to general use blades as well as part of your spring auto maintenance. Wiper blades are subjected to snow and ice during the winter months, conditions that cause small tears and warping of the blades reducing effectiveness.

Always have your brakes inspected as part of your spring auto maintenance routine. One warning of brake failure is noise, typically recognized as grinding, squealing, chatter or screeching. If you hear any of these sounds – or a sound you describe as something else – it is probably time for routine brake maintenance to ensure proper slowing and stopping while driving.

For more spring auto maintenance tips and routine maintenance for your vehicle, stop in and see the auto care specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Located in Burke, VA and serving all of Fairfax Station, VA, Clifton, VA, Fairfax City, VA and Springfield, VA, the highly trained technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic can get you safely back on the road and prepared for a summer of fun.

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