auto maintenance December 11, 2017

What the Check Engine Light Really Means as You Drive Along the Streets of Burke, VA

If the check engine light has never reared its ugly head at you while driving through the streets of Northern Virginia, consider yourself lucky and continue to read so you are prepared when it does.

Your car's computer typically triggers the check engine light if it has found a problem or potential problem with the vehicle's operation. The check engine light can either come on and stay lit or blink, depending on the type of problem.

Typically, when a check engine light flashes rapidly, it indicates a power loss in the vehicle or something even more urgent. If the check engine light is flashing rapidly, a tow truck may be the best option.

When the check engine light comes on and stays on, it is a less serious problem. You should stop as soon as it is safely possible and check for serious problems that may need immediate attention. Examine the dashboard gauges and lights for obvious warning signs. There may be a problem with the oil pressure, the temperature or a number of other potential problems.

Try to tighten the gas cap, since this is often a cause of the check engine light illuminating. If the check engine light does not go off immediately, try turning the vehicle off, tightening the gas cap, then turning the vehicle back on. Sometimes it requires more than one try to reset the sensor.

Regardless, when the check engine light comes on, the vehicle should be serviced sooner rather than later to avoid doing damage to the engine or worse, breaking down on the side of the road in Fairfax Station, VA or anywhere else.

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