exhaust December 12, 2017

Commonly Asked Questions About Mufflers And Exhaust System Repairs

Mufflers are underappreciated vehicle components until one day you dry down the streets of Springfield, VA and realize your loud car is causing a scene. While the noise level from your car does increase significantly when the muffler needs replacing, that is not the biggest problem or cause of concern for Northern Virginia drivers. These commonly asked questions about mufflers and exhaust system repairs should enlighten you about the other problems you may face.

Can leaking mufflers or exhaust systems cause a fire? When mufflers wear out, it typically is a sign that other exhaust system repairs are needed as well. An exhaust leak is close to the floorboards of the vehicle and the heat that results from the hot exhaust gas start a fire between the interior carpet of the car and the body panels. If by chance the vehicle also has a fuel leak, the hot exhaust can also act as an ignition agent and cause a fire as well. In situations where the exhaust system is leaking at the exhaust manifold in the engine compartment, a fire can start in the wiring and cause a fire under the hood. Have your vehicles exhaust system and muffler inspected regularly for signs of wear and damage to help reduce your chances of a car fire.

Is it important to have mufflers repaired by a professional mechanic? While not every car must be taken to a professional mechanic for muffler repairs, most cars benefit greatly from professional service. Some makes and models of cars have specialized exhaust systems that can be significantly damaged by untrained mechanics performing service on them. Professional auto repair facilities are trained in working on exhaust systems of all types, meaning the likelihood is greater your vehicle will not suffer any further damage. When working with a professional auto repair facility, such as Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Burke, VA, talk with the mechanic about his comfort level with the exhaust system on your particular vehicle. An honest mechanic will discuss what can be expected with mufflers and exhaust system repairs and will admit if he is inexperienced with your particular model or type of vehicle.

Serving the communities of Fairfax Station, VA, Clifton, VA, Fairfax City, VA and Springfield, VA, the professional exhaust system and muffler specialists at Wiygul Automotive Clinic deliver the highest quality service from technicians you can trust.

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