auto maintenance December 12, 2017

How an Oil Change near Fairfax Station, VA Can Affect a Car’s Performance

Do you know how an oil change near Fairfax Station, VA can affect your car’s performance? If you do not regularly change the oil in your car, do you lose performance?

A routine oil change near Fairfax Station, VA is the best thing you can do for the life of your car’s engine. Even if you use the right octane rating of gasoline, or use fuel additives to keep the injectors clean, regular oil changes within the recommended period are the number one thing you can do to keep your vehicle in good condition for the life of your vehicle.

When you do not have a routine oil change near Fairfax Station, VA, harmful dirt can degrade key engine parts. Not changing your oil allows for sludge buildup which lessens the oil’s ability to dissipate heat, increasing engine stress. Although you should regularly have an oil change for your vehicle in Fairfax Station, VA, does it affect the performance of your vehicle?

What exactly is performance? If you run your car on old, sludgy oil, what can happen?

  • Decrease in fuel economy.
  • Loses its lubricity which makes the engine work harder.
  • Old oil breaks down due to exposure to heat, losing its ability to maintain the viscosity needed to do its job. The oil loses its ability to get where it needs to go in your engine.
  • When the engine runs hotter, it robs the engine both of gas mileage and horsepower.

Not having regular oil changes near Fairfax Station, VA will allow sludge to build up. This thick sludge can block oil flow limiting the ability for the oil to flow where it needs to go. These parts do not get the lubrication it needs. Sludge insulates hot parts of your engine, which is a bad thing. Part of your oils function is to draw heat from the engine parts. If this does not happen because of failure to have regular oil changes in Fairfax Station, VA, it can reduce the life of your engine.

To maintain your vehicle to perform its best, be sure to have your routine oil change near Fairfax Station, VA.

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