auto maintenance December 13, 2017

Need a Car Alignment Near Fairfax Station, VA?

Balanced car alignment provides Fairfax Station, VA, drivers with consistent driving response capability for their particular vehicle. Although car alignment is something Fairfax Station, VA, drivers may not think about in terms of fuel efficiency or extended tire and suspension performance, keeping your wheels in alignment delivers significant benefits beyond safety, including:

  • Increased fuel consumption efficiency
  • Consistent handling and braking
  • Prevention of premature tire wear
  • Optimization of surface area contact between your tires and the road surface
  • Dynamic wheel alignment management
  • Control of vehicle roll, bounce, chatter, and acceleration performance
  • Reduction of strain and wear on vehicle systems
  • Even and balanced wear on tires and brakes

An improper car alignment leads to pull on your steering wheel, less fuel economy, and more rapid tire wear.

When having your car alignment near Fairfax Station, VA, your ASE-certified mechanic adjusts the angles of your vehicle wheels to the auto manufacturer’s specifications. These three angles, caster, camber, and toe, dictate the true, forward path of your wheels as they propel your vehicle while you drive. Everyday wear and tear, killer potholes, and accidents can force your vehicle out of alignment. Other events affecting car alignment near Fairfax Station, VA, can include:

  • Installing new tires
  • Following a collision or accident
  • After repair work to your vehicle suspension or steering
  • Your vehicle pulls to one side as you drive
  • Your steering feeling unstable or vibrating
  • Vehicle tires wearing unevenly, rapidly, or they squeal when turning

A car alignment near Fairfax Station, VA, by an ASE-certified mechanic is needed to correct your vehicle wheel measurements. Once you alignment is complete and your wheel angles are adjusted the weight of your vehicle is evenly distributed, and all tires, rim assemblies, suspension and braking system components, and steering mechanisms are operating correctly.

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