safety December 13, 2017

Handling a Damaged Windshield

Warmer weather has begun to spread throughout the Northern Virginia region. With spring right around the corner, Northern Virginians will begin to venture outdoors in their vehicles more frequently. More driving will increase wear and tear on your vehicle. To prevent expensive repairs caused by wear and tear, the staff at Wiygul Automotive Clinic suggests you examine your vehicle carefully.

The windshield is one of the most expensive pieces on any vehicle to repair. Check your windshield for dings or cracks suffered during the winter months. As the weather starts to get warmer, these dings and crack will expand. Running the air conditioning when your windshield has been exposed to high heat will result in a rapid expansion of damage from existing cracks.

To begin, inspect the crack or ding. If it is in the shape of a cone or star, promptly have the area repaired. These types of cracks and dings threaten the windshield the most. Do not attempt to repair the area yourself. The mere pressure from touching the ding is enough to drastically expand the crack. To temporarily prevent further damage, place a piece of clear packaging tape over the damaged area. This will prevent dust and dirt from entering the crack and further damaging your windshield. Avoid washing the area -- especially using high-pressure car washes. Avoid parking the vehicle in direct sunlight. If the windshield has been exposed to direct sunlight do not immediately run the air conditioning. The immediate change in temperature will cause the crack to spread. Finally, be careful not to slam the doors of your vehicle. The vibrations and pressure that result from a slammed car door have been known to significantly cause further damage to dings and cracks.

If your vehicle's windshield has cracks and dings, or if you have any other concerns regarding the health of your vehicles windshield, contact Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Our trained staff will help you find a solution because your safety and the safety of your vehicle are our main concerns.

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