auto maintenance December 13, 2017

About Your Vehicle's Windshield Wiper System

With the arrival of spring, temperatures are not the only thing rising. Northern Virginia can expect an increase of precipitation in April and May. To help battle the precipitation, all vehicles come equipped with a set of windshield wipers. The first windshield wipers were operated manually by moving a lever inside the vehicle back and forth. Today, many automotive owners take for granted the technology behind the electric windshield wiper.

An electric motor and worm gear power your vehicle's windshield wipers. The wiper blades are connected by a link that converts the rotational output of the motor into a back-and-forth motion. Wiper blades can be compared to mini squeegees. Each arm is equipped with a thin rubber strip that runs across the windshield, clearing away water and other precipitation. Wiper blades perform their best when the rubber is clean and has no nicks or cracks. As the wiper blades become worn, nicks and cracks will develop on the rubber strip. Your wipers may also begin to leave dirty streaks on your windshield. Old windshield wipers will not remove the water from your windshield but smear it instead. Smearing water across your windshield will only further hinder your visibility and put you at a higher risk of an accident in hazardous weather.

Depending upon the model of your vehicle, the windshield-wiper system may vary. Most wiper blades work on a tandem system, moving back and forth across the entire width of the windshield. Some vehicles may have an opposing wider blade system where the blades move in the opposite direction of one another. One blade is responsible for clearing the water on the left side while the other is responsible for the right. European-made vehicles, like the Mercedes Benz, operate a single wiper-blade system. A giant wiper blade works its way back and forth across the entire width of the windshield to clear rainwater.

Whatever type of vehicle you own, rest assured that the windshield wiper system is working to keep you safe. If your windshield wiper system is malfunctioning, Wiygul Automotive Clinic would be happy to service them for you. Contact our knowledgeable staff today to schedule an appointment.

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