auto maintenance December 13, 2017

The Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil in Your Car's Engine

Oil manufacturers claim synthetic oil is better for your car's engine, but does it really matter what goes through your engine as you travel the streets of Northern Virginia? Let's look at the truth behind the advertising and you can determine for yourself if synthetic oil is a better choice for your vehicle than conventional motor oil.

Base stock and performance additives are the two major components of synthetic motor oil. The base stock is created and is purer than conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil handles temperature changes better and typically takes much longer to break-down than conventional motor oil does. Withstanding the temperature changes is important in Northern Virginia, especially on the below freezing mornings in the winter.

Both synthetic oil and conventional motor oil use performance additives. Those included in synthetic oil are designed to deter engine sludge and mineral deposits that occur in all oil types. Again, temperature is important since synthetic oil provides extra protection in extreme weather conditions.

Synthetic oil typically costs more when it comes time for an oil change, but the benefits synthetic oil provides may be worth it. Consider longer periods of time between oil changes, better protection in extreme driving conditions — defined as several starts-and-stops in one trip, like driving in rush hour or holiday traffic — and added protection for your engine.

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