auto maintenance December 14, 2017

Windshield Safety and Repair

It’s a fact of life: If you live in Burke, Springfield, Clifton, or Fairfax Station, Virginia or anywhere in-between, you probably do a lot of driving. That’s why car maintenance is so important. Take your windshield for instance. Your car's windshield is far more than just a piece of glass to keep the wind and rain out. A clean, clear windshield is vitally important for good vision of course but a bonded windshield is also an integral part of the vehicle body shell, contributing towards its overall strength and stiffness and therefore towards crash protection too. So using a reputable Northern Virginia auto repair service for windshield replacement is as important as it is for crash repairs. But it's not always necessary to get the windshield replaced; some damage can be safely repaired at little or no cost.

General Advice

You can improve vision significantly, particularly at times of the year when the sun is low in the sky, by making sure that the windshield is clean — inside and out. Even if you're not a smoker the inside surface of the windshield will inevitably accumulate a hazy film over time. Scratches, abrasions and chips on the outside can intensify the sun's dazzle too. Wiper blades will last for two years at the most, though it's generally recommended that they're renewed annually. New blades clear the windshield more effectively and reduce the dazzling effect of the sun as a result.

It helps to keep the windshield-wash topped off too — a good quality windshield-wash additive will help reduce the risk of freezing in frosty weather and help clean the windshield more effectively all year around. Check your owner’s manual carefully to make sure that you fill the right reservoir though.

Stone chips and cracks

Depending on size and position a chip on your windshield can be a distraction and in some situations can impair vision too. A chip doesn't always mean replacing the whole windshield.

Repair basically involves cleaning and drying the damaged area and filling it with a clear resin with almost identical optical properties to glass. The damage won't completely disappear but the repaired area will be smooth and structurally sound — reducing the risk of damage to the wipers — and much less visible.

If left unattended, small chips can grow and become un-repairable as secondary cracks form under the combined effect of heat, moisture, frost, dirt and vibration. Any dirt or moisture entering the chip will make it more difficult to produce a visually acceptable repair.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic is dedicated to preserving the valuable relationships we have established with our customers over the years. All technicians are ASE-certified or factory trained to perform all of the services and repairs required to maintain your vehicle and pass your emissions test. Wherever you live in Fairfax County, Virginia, Wiygul Automotive Clinic is here to provide you with the best maintenance service and attention.

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