auto maintenance January 09, 2018

Saving Gas Equals More Money In The Wallet Of Northern Virginia Motorists

As gas prices continue to soar, many Northern Virginia motorists are looking for ways to save money through gas saving tips. Saving gas means saving money at the pump; here are some car care tips we can all use.

  • Go for the lowest octane possible. Your auto manufacturer has made a recommendation on what octane is necessary to appropriate operate you vehicle. Determine what that is, and use only that gas. Unless your vehicle requires the use of the premium gas, there is no reason to use the higher-priced gas.
  • Never top-off the fuel tank. Perhaps the biggest gas saving tip anyone can give you is this — do not top-off the fuel tank. Just because you think you can get a few more ounces in the car — meaning a few more feet you can travel before stopping again — does not mean it is a good idea. When the pump stops, hang it up. You are done. The extra drops of gas will be charged to you, and they will either slop around in the gas tank or evaporate into fumes.
  • Always make sure your gas cap is tightly secured. Gas will evaporate from your gas tank, and unless you like paying for gas that you do not get to use, tighten it down. The Car Care Council estimates nearly 150 million gallons of gas are lost each year through evaporation. Now that's a good gas saving tip.
  • Park in the shade. This goes back to evaporation. If the inside of your car feels like a hotbox, fuel is evaporating from your gas tank.
  • Always keep up to date with your vehicle's routine maintenance schedule. The best fuel saving tip possible is to ensure you car is operated as it is supposed to, this will save more gas than anything else.

For more information on fuel saving tips or car care tips, contact the professionally trained staff at Burke Centre Automotive. Serving the communities of Burke, VA, Fairfax Station, VA, Clifton, VA, Fairfax City, VA and Springfield, VA the highly professional staff at Wiygul Automotive Clinic can address all of your car care needs.

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