auto maintenance January 11, 2018

Preventive Auto Maintenance Saves Fairfax Station, VA, Drivers Hassles and Money

Preventive auto maintenance helps Fairfax Station, VA, auto owners prolong the safe working life of their cars, avoiding more expensive replacement and repair bills and keeping us all safer on the roadways.

Automotive industry reports estimate the automotive aftermarket necessary to maintain cars is a $257 billion dollar market. This includes the car accessories, parts, equipment, labor, and repairs critical to keeping us all safe on the roads as we dart here and there.

The nonprofit Car Care Council held voluntary nationwide vehicle inspections in 2014. Their data suggests nearly 84 percent of vehicles inspected – almost 9 out of 10,  needed auto maintenance, service, or parts. This is a 5 percent annual increase over 2013. As our vehicles age and we put off costly auto maintenance to save money in the short run, preventive maintenance plays a vital role in sustaining working, older vehicles that continue to meet all legal requirements for safe vehicle operation.

Specially trained in Factory Scheduled Maintenance, the ASE-certified mechanics and technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic deliver expert auto maintenance for Fairfax Station, VA, drivers and their precious cargo.

Simple auto maintenance is critical to keeping your engine and automotive systems performing consistently at their best.  At Wiygul Automotive Clinic we inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper and top to bottom, verifying your car is prepared for many more miles of safe driving. Scheduled preventive maintenance can include:

  • Checking lubricants and fluids, including washer fluid, motor oil, engine coolant, power steering, brake and transmission fluids.
  • Replacing dirty air, cabin, and fuel  filters.
  • Investigating and resetting the check engine light.
  • Evaluating and replacing work belts and hoses.
  • Observing and correcting issues with wipers, interior and exterior lights,  including headlights, brake and tail lights, and license plate lights.
  • Ensuring proper tire inflation or replacing tires with dangerously worn or uneven treads.

Trust the skilled auto experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic with your basic auto maintenance needs near Fairfax Station, VA.

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