auto maintenance January 12, 2018

How Your Mechanic in Burke, VA Can Help Your Car Last Longer

The best way to keep your car lasting longer is to have a great mechanic in Burke, VA close to where you live. When you have a mechanic on your payroll, so to speak, you are paying him to make sure your vehicle is running at optimal performance. A good Burke, VA mechanic will give you guidelines to enhance the performance of your vehicle, some of which you can do yourself and some your mechanic will do.

  1. Follow your Vehicle Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule—Common sense should tell us that unless you are a mechanic, you should probably use your vehicle’s maintenance schedule as a guideline because it lays out a plan to help your car last longer. As a car owner, you purchased a mighty machine to get you where you want to go, and more than likely, it cost you a great deal of money. Protect your investment wisely. Read and follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and have it available for your mechanic.
  2. Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids and Tire Pressure—This is something most vehicle owners in Burke, VA do themselves and it only takes about 10 minutes. If you aren’t up to it or can’t find time, let your Burke, VA mechanic do the simple maintenance. If you are up for it, grab a rag. Make sure the engine is cool. Open up the hood. Pull out the dipstick to your oil. Wipe it clean. Reinsert it. Pull it out again. Check the stick to see how much oil you have. Remember: This is one of the most important engine fluids.
    • Check oil
    • Check radiator overflow and reservoir level and brake cylinder reservoir
    • Check power steering fluid level
    • Check hoses and belts for signs of wear
    • Check air cleaner
    • With cool tires, check your tire pressure and add air if needed according to your owner’s manual
    • Start the car and once it is warm—check the transmission fluid level

Regular maintenance on your vehicle in Burke, VA goes a long way in preserving you car’s engine. Invest in a good mechanic in Burke, VA or learn to do the simple maintenance on your own vehicle. Either way, keep up with the maintenance on your vehicle and take care of your investment.

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