auto maintenance January 13, 2018

How Auto Care Maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA Keeps Cars Running

The key factor in keeping your car running in tip-top shape is auto care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA. Having regular fluid changes, filter changes and tire checks and other services will help to avoid more expensive repairs later. Over time with just normal driving, some auto parts and components will wear out and need to be replaced. Regular care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA will help you address any issues before they become bigger ones.

Care maintenance on your engine, known as a tune-up will keep your engine working at its best and delivers the best power and fuel economy. Regular oil and filter changes and checking fluids are part of regular care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA that should never be overlooked.  Inspect belts and hoses at each oil change for leaks, cracks and visible signs of wear. If a serpentine belt fails or breaks, your engine will fail to run and may leave you stranded.

Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle. Eventually, they will need to be replaced as regular care maintenance for your vehicle near Fairfax Station, VA. Your car’s braking system is your most important safety system. Never put off care maintenance on your braking system when needed.

Tires connect you to the road and affect your handling, traction, ride and safety. Proper care maintenance of tire balance and wheel alignment reduces tire wear and improves handling and fuel economy.

Check engine lights became standard on all car makes and models in 1996. This light tells you there is a problem with your car’s engine and you need to take it for a diagnostic test to evaluate the problem and have it fixed immediately near Fairfax Station, VA.

Staying warm or cool in your vehicle is crucial for interior comfort and safety reasons such as your defrosting. Having regular care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA on your car’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system will keep your vehicle ride comfortable in any season. You should have a thorough inspection of your car’s heating and A/C system annually.

To keep your vehicle’s appearance looking new, your regular care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA should include frequent washing and periodic polishing to protect your vehicle. Frequent cleaning prevents the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that will damage a car’s finish. Road salt in the winter months near Fairfax Station, VA are extremely harmful to your vehicle’s finish and will cause it to rust through.

Care maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA keeps your vehicle safe and in good running condition.

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