auto maintenance January 13, 2018

How Lubricheck Saves Time and Money On an Oil Change in Burke, VA

How often you should have an oil change for your vehicle in Burke, VA is quite a controversy. The advice since WWII has been to have an oil change every 3,000 miles. This advice was ingrained in most people by oil companies and service stations. With the significant advances in automotive and oil technology, this has dramatically extended intervals between oil changes in Burke, VA.

Newer manufactured automobiles such as Ford, Toyota, Audi, BMW, and others have engine oil quality sensors or other methods to estimate oil quality. These systems have dramatically reduced the frequency of oil changes in Burke, VA and have maintained the exceptional health of the engine over the life of the vehicle.

There is now a way that you can scientifically analyze your oil quality anytime and anyplace. Lubricheck, developed by WaveOn Technologies, is a handheld device that will give you the same results as the advanced technology found in many newer automobiles. Lubricheck also tests any sudden drop in your oil quality which can be caused by impurities in the oil such as coolant leaks, water, and metal particles.

Most people change the oil in their vehicles in Burke, VA, solely based on mileage. By doing it this way, it does not take into consideration these variables:

  • The condition of the engine, poor, fair, or good.
  • A person’s driving habits, driving fast, slow, steady, rapid acceleration, number of cold starts, and frequent speed changes.
  • Climate, whether it is hot or cold, humid or dry, driving on highways, or up mountains and hills.
  • The type of oil whether synthetic or standard.

These variables are hard to evaluate, so experts have advocated frequent oil changes to be on the “safe side.” Now you have the option of testing your own oil with Lubricheck and have an oil change only when needed in Burke, VA.

Wasted oil has an impact on our environment. Oil and oil filters not properly disposed of are considered to be one on the highest environmental hazards. The EPA estimates that people who change their own oil in Burke, VA do not properly dispose of or recycled; thereby, this is not good for the environment. With Lubricheck, you can save oil with fewer oil changes in Burke, VA and still make sure your engine is maintained in peak condition.

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