auto maintenance January 14, 2018

Auto Maintenance Saves Fairfax Station, VA, Drivers Money

With increasingly sophisticated technology engineered into our vehicles, it may seem unnecessary to focus on regular auto maintenance. But Fairfax Station, VA, drivers can save money and assure the reliability of their vehicles by following their auto manufacturers  recommended periodic maintenance schedule.

Regular auto maintenance extends the life of your car and can warn you of the development of more serious repair issues, helping to avoid further damage to your vehicle systems and more costly repairs. While high-tech sensors and monitoring systems provide valuable alerts that your car is in need of service, nothing can replace the value of a regular hands-on inspection completed by an ASE-certified automotive repair professional.

According to USA Today the average new car costs $31,831 in 2014, and the average used car price hit a record high of $16,800. Investing this kind of money in transportation means you want your ride to last while remaining safe and reliable. Regular preventive auto maintenance ensures Fairfax Station, VA, automobile owners they get the most for their investment and prevents unnecessary repair problems from becoming expensive headaches.

While newer cars require less maintenance, they still need regular service. The bad news is many of us are simply unable to work on our vehicles ourselves because of advances in technology and engineering. The good news is, Wiygul Automotive Clinic, your local Goodyear Tire and Service Center, is a trusted resource for dependable auto maintenance near Fairfax Station, VA.

The ASE-certified mechanics and technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic use only brand name parts and fluids, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, so you get an in-depth analysis of your vehicle’s system performance. That way you can understand your car’s needs and, together, we can make sure you get the right auto maintenance when you need it to keep your car performing flawlessly for years.

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