auto maintenance February 05, 2018

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

When should you replace your car battery in Burke, VA? There are industry recommendations and some specific signs that warn you can no longer dependably rely on your car battery.

The humble car battery is the sole power source of every vehicle – the heartbeat of your car. Hidden quietly beneath the hood, we usually don’t give it a thought. But an old battery can leave you stranded and create other, more serious problems with your engine systems.

Mechanics recommend you replace your car battery in Burke, VA every two-and-a-half years, or if you begin to experience symptoms of wear, such as:

  • your engine turns over but won’t start
  • your car has trouble starting in cold weather
  • your car exhibits no power at all when you start the ignition
  • you have trouble with your electrical system – lights, radio, windows, etc.
  • sometimes your car battery will start  – sometimes not
  • excessive corrosion or loose cables prevent your car battery from distributing energy

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, your car battery life expectancy is between six and eight years. A regular car battery, or “wet-cell battery,” comes standard with every traditional new car. It has two battery terminals that work in conjunction with the alternator and starter to power your engine. Rather than releasing stored energy, your car battery actually creates power through an electrochemical process.

Despite claims of extended life, industry experts say the average life of a standard car battery under normal driving conditions is two to three years. Your car battery in Burke, VA could last anywhere from two to six years. As with any electromechanical equipment environmental factors, including temperature and humidity, can affect the reliable performance and life-span of your car battery in Burke, VA.

When you have concerns about your car, stop by Wiygul Automotive Clinic for a brief battery inspection. Our friendly, experienced ASE-certified mechanics can help you take care of your car battery in Burke, VA, so you can get safely back on the road in no time.

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