auto maintenance February 08, 2018

The Secret Life of Motor Oil and the Importance of a Regular Oil Change in Clifton, VA

Motor oil keeps your vehicle engine running smoothly by ensuring the metal parts are not rubbing against each other creating unnecessary friction. There are two layers of oil in your car. All moving parts of your engine are coated with a thin layer of oil, known as the hydrodynamic layer, to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The second, or boundary, layer of oil is an even thinner coat of protection that eliminates frictional heat. The motor oil in your engine also performs an important protective function by carrying combustion by-products away from engine hot spots.

When motor oil reaches full capacity and cannot hold additional by-products, it is considered dirty and needs to be replaced. Engine by-products create sludge, which, along with particles suspended in the oil, can cause serious engine damage.  Without the smoothing lubrication of oil engine parts will begin to wear substantially.

Your motor oil collects dirt, carbon deposits, and microscopic metal particles from the engine. It passes through the oil filter, and any remaining impurities  settle in the oil pan.

Without routine oil changes, your engine will suffer an increasing loss of performance and fuel economy, as well as increased tailpipe emissions. Regular oil changes can save you money, headaches, and inconvenience in the long run, since changing the oil in your vehicle according to the manufacturer and service recommendations results in a substantially longer engine life.

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