auto maintenance February 08, 2018

Car Maintenance in Burke, VA for Older Vehicles

When you invest a substantial sum of money in a car,  you want to take care of it so it transports you safely for a long time.  As it ages, focus on these few basic tips for proper car maintenance in Burke, VA to keep your older vehicle driving safely on the road.

Preventive Car Maintenance in Burke, VA Makes Cents for Older Vehicles

Pinpointing problems early with these simple checks and procedures can prevent the need for more costly auto repairs and on-road emergency incidents.

  • Your owner’s manual has a manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, which is also available online.
  • There is no substitute for a relationship with a qualified mechanic and trusted auto service center to save you money, worry, and hassle when things really go wrong with your vehicle.
  • Have a highly trained, ASE-certified mechanic perform maintenance on your car you don’t do yourself. This can extend the serviceable life of your older vehicle.
  • Change the oil and oil filter regularly. Follow manufacturer recommendations, but most older cars require an oil change every 3,000-4,000 miles.
  • Check other fluids – transmission, brake, power steering,  trans-axle, windshield washer, and antifreeze – according to your maintenance schedule.
  • Check tire air pressure levels once a month and follow the auto manufacturer’s psi specifications. According to Progressive Insurance tire rotation every 6,000 miles prevents uneven tread wear.
  • Test all lights, including brake lights, tail lights, headlights, license  plate illumination, and turn signals.
  • Inspect and replace filters – both air and fuel, to ensure they are free of buildup or damage.

The guys from CarTalk on NPR offer a comprehensive visual guide to auto maintenance with helpful color coding on ease and cost of repair. Check out their link at

Find Consistent Value in Car Maintenance in Burke, VA

A survey done this past April by The Car Care Council (CCC) revealed the top car maintenance issues  with “the highest failure rates, were engine oil (22%), engine cooling systems (20%), and brake service (18%).” Furthermore, 77% of vehicles inspected by the CCC over the past year needed some type of auto service or parts.

For dependable car maintenance in Burke, VA visit the car maintenance experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic, who take great pride in doing their jobs right – every time. Let the ASE Certified mechanics help you by keeping your car in optimum condition, whether it just rolled off the lot, or you need  to keep it safely rolling down the road for many more years.

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