auto maintenance February 09, 2018

What The Air Filter Does And Why You Should Change It

The engine in your car, truck or SUV can be compared to a giant gas-powered air pump, used to move your vehicle. The basic four stroke engine requires oxygen to adequately function and travel the roads of Northern Virginia.

The importance of a clean air filter cannot be overlooked, especially as part of your normal maintenance routine. Air is brought into the engine through the air intake, which then travels through the air filter. Gas is then added to the air mixture, which is then compressed inside the cylinder. Once the mixture reaches the appropriate levels, the spark plug fires and the mixture ignites and forces the piston down into the cylinder.

When each of the pistons in the engine fires appropriately, the drive shaft turns and the vehicle is propelled down the road. Even though the process is technically more difficult than the basic version accounted for here, the air filter is one vital component of the entire system. The combustion in the engine requires certain ratios of air-to-fuel to function efficiently, making a clean air filter vital. Dirty air filters act as a choke in the engine, decreases gas mileage and causes fuel deposits to form from a fuel mixture that is too rich.

When you stop in to Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Burke, VA for an oil, lube and filter change, have our trained technicians inspect the air filter as well. Trust our certified technicians with your vehicle and trust that we will keep you safely on the road.

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