auto maintenance February 11, 2018

Is Your Car Pulling To One Side? Do You Need An Alignment?

As you drive through the streets of Burke, VA you may start to notice you have to readjust the direction of the steering wheel often, and usually to one side or the other. If you briefly let go of the wheel and the vehicle veers to one side, this is known as pulling. Sometimes, when your car or truck begins to pull, it means a wheel alignment is needed; but not always.

When your car or truck is out of alignment, you will certainly feel the pull toward one direction. But, the misalignment would have to be quite drastic for you to notice the impact while driving. This usually is not the case unless you have been in an accident, hit a curb or run over a large object; all of these things can lead to damaged – or bent – parts beneath your vehicle. In other words, severe misalignment doesn’t usually just happen from driving down the road and hitting a few small bumps or potholes.

Typically after a customer complains of a pull while driving, after we inspect the vehicle we determine the problem is associated with the tires. Most times, simply rotating the tires will solve the pull problem with no further action. Uneven wear on tires normally causes the pull, and sometimes the uneven wear is caused by the car being out of alignment as well.

Loose components of the steering system may also contribute to the car begin out of alignment. While the pull is annoying, you may have bigger issues to worry about. Loose steering components can lead to broken steering components –which can happen while driving — and may lead you to lose control while behind the wheel.

When you feel your car pull, or if the steering wheel feels “sloppy” or “loose”, stop in and have it inspected at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. We can have you in-and-out quickly, and will put your mind at ease.

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