auto maintenance February 12, 2018

Cars Are Old Friends: Take Care With Proper Maintenance

Maybe it was the news that Click and Clack, the Magliozzi brothers of the comedy and car repair advice program on NPR, are retiring or maybe it was seeing a compiled list of songs about cars on Huffington Post, or all the customers coming into Wiygul Automotive Clinic in Burke VA to get an oil change, car tune-up, or tire rotation in preparation for summer road trips, but I’m feeling quite sentimental about cars of late.

Maybe you know the feeling? Sometimes our cars feel like another member of the family or an extension of ourselves. We’re in them every day – driving around Northern Virginia roads. Our kids may be chattering in the back having a good time … maybe having a spat. Or maybe it’s the place where you find a few minutes of peace when you head to the grocery store.

Or if you are a single guy or gal, maybe you head to the outskirts of town for wine tastings or hikes in the country with your friends singing songs from the radio in the backseat. Maybe it’s the place where you first kiss someone special sitting outside of your house in Clifton VA.

Cars are part of our memories – those from the past and the ones we’re making. You know you’ll never forget your first car, and whether you loved or hated it. Maybe both. You remember too the first time you got a flat or broke down and who rescued you. Ah yes, if only you had checked to see that your tires were properly inflated or had stopped sooner to inspect that check engine light.

For most of us, we only have a few cars in our lifetime – so we really ought to take care of them with proper car maintenance. You make sure you and other members of your family get regular check-ups and have appropriate care when needed. Your car can be a reliable old friend if you take responsibility for its care.

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