auto maintenance February 12, 2018

What You Should Know About Keeping Your Car Clean

You may think you know all there is to know about keeping your car clean — both inside and out — but many motorists in the Burke, VA area have no idea where to correctly begin the process. Follow these do’s and don’ts and your car, truck or SUV will look like new as you travel throughout Northern Virginia.

  • Don’t wait until your vehicle looks like it needs to be washed before washing it. The longer you wait and let the dead bugs, chemicals, mud, salt and bird droppings sit on your paint, the harder they will be to remove. Also, if left too long these substances may actually cause damage to the finish leading to professional body work.
  • Do, however wash your vehicle as soon as you see the dead bug splat or the bird droppings drop; if tree-sap is a problem you face on the property of your Arlington, VA home, always take action as soon as you see evidence of it on your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave acid rain on your vehicle. Acid is acid and it is not healthy for your paint finish to leave it there. If your live in an area that suffers from acid rain, wash your vehicle as soon as possible after the rain subsides.
  • Don’t use household cleaning products like dish washing detergent or hand soap; these products are not intended for use on vehicle finishes and will strip the protective wax from the finish.
  • Do use a cleaning agent specifically designed for use on automobile finishes. These tend to be more mild than the other harsh cleaners and are safe for automobile paint.
  • Don’t use standard household sponges or scrubby sponges to wash your car, truck or SUV. These too are not intended for use on an automobile’s finish and will lead to fine scratches and abrasions.
  • Do use soft sponges or mitts designed for automobile washing. These cleaning cloths are designed to be easy on your vehicle finish while also removing the bugs, bird droppings and other substances you may find on your car.

For more information on keeping your car running and looking like new, stop in to see our trained technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic today.

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