auto maintenance February 12, 2018

Accept The Reality, Pay The Price and Put Gas In Your Vehicle

Unless you are an exception to the rule, you don’t enjoy the thought of putting fuel in your vehicle before you head to your next stop in Burke, VA. No matter if you are traveling through Fairfax Station, Springfield or other nearby Northern Virginia areas, you may be tempted to ignore the dropping fuel gauge, but don’t do it — here are three good reasons not to:

  • If it is cold outside and you choose to wait to fill-up, you run the risk of developing condensation in the gas tank. This happens when the moisture in the air contained in the empty portion of your gas tank accumulates; since water weighs more than gas, it will settle to the bottom of the tank. The water will enter the fuel lines and will make its way to the lowest point in the fuel system. If the moisture freezes, the fuel flow is blocked and you may be without a running vehicle in the morning.
  • Perhaps one of the most obvious but most important reasons to keep the gas tank full is eliminating the possibility of being stranded.
  • Finally, vehicles that operate using a fuel injected engine often use gas a coolant for the fuel pump. Cooled by the gasoline around it, the fuel pump can be damaged from overheating when fuel level is too low.

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