auto maintenance July 09, 2018

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer Road Trips

When you are preparing for a road trip, you need two things:

1) To get there and back safely and
2) To get there and back comfortably

Getting there and back safely means no breakdowns or blowouts. That’s why Wiygul Automotive recommends a tune-up, tire inspection and rotation, and maybe an oil change before hitting the road.

A Wiygul Automotive Tune-up is a quick inspection that helps an owner extend the life of his car and make it safer to drive. Our experts suggest one around 30,000 miles to replace items like the air and fuel filters, and fluids to include the oil, transmission, and engine coolant. Signs that indicate you may need one sooner are a noticeably slower performance, increasingly poor gas mileage, and any knocking or thumping sound from the engine when driving or at idle. If you are experiencing any of these, come to Wiygul and get your car ready for your Summer road trip.

The increased driving means increased wear on your tires. A Wiygul inspection lets us determine if you need a rotation. Rotating them before a long trip helps extend the life of your tires and decreases the chance of a blowout while driving. Our technicians change them from front-to-back and left-to-right. The cost of rotation is only $20 and takes only a few minutes.

An oil change is the best preventive maintenance for your vehicle, and an excellent way to get your car ready for its Summer road trip. Depending on the need for your vehicle, we offer a conventional oil change for $29.95 and a synthetic oil change for $74.95.

Getting there and back comfortably means you and your car both need to beat the heat. We can help you get your car ready for Summer road trips with a cooling system check and get you ready with an air conditioning recharge or repair.

Your car’s cooling system keeps everything else functioning. When it does not operate correctly, even an otherwise perfectly operating vehicle starts flashing every red light on the dashboard and your Summer plans come to a grinding halt somewhere along Highway 64. Our specialists can perform a quick, free inspection that gets you back on the road. If they do find a problem with the hoses or another issue, each of our Clinics offers a repair and coolant system flush for every type of auto, foreign and domestic.

Finally, you and your family need to be functioning at peak performance just like the car. The best method of keeping tempers cool is to keep your interior cool and comfortable as well. A simple inspection tells us if you have poor airflow or the air is just not as cold as it used to be. In most cases, the coolant needs recharging, which we can accomplish very quickly and have you ready to go in less than an hour.

If you are ready for your vacation, bring in your car to Wiygul Automotive to make it is ready for that Summer road trip as well. Call us at 1-866-702-8050 to find the Clinic nearest you and ask about our latest specials.

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