auto maintenance December 09, 2018

Wiygul Automotive - Fall Car Care Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Winter is just a few weeks away. Before the current, comfortable weather ends, you should perform some routine checks and then bring in your car or truck to Wiygul for some basic maintenance to keep it safe to drive through the coming ice and snow.

First, check your tires. As the weather cools, the air pressure drops slightly. Some tires can lose as much as one psi for every 10 degrees the temperature drops. Your owner’s manual can provide the best information on keeping them inflated after our area dips below freezing and stays there. If you cannot find the manual, or if the tires continue to lose pressure, bring the vehicle into the Wiygul Clinic nearest you.

Next, make certain you can keep your windshield clear. You may not need your defroster yet, which is why you should check it now. Get the engine warmed up and then crank it on. The defroster should fog everything up for a few seconds, and then clear it completely in a minute. That takes care of the inside, now let’s make sure the outside is taken care of as well.

Autumn is the perfect time to examine your windshield wipers and check the reservoir. If the wiper blades show any cracks or are starting to split away from the wiper mechanism; now is the time to change them. Now, look at the wiper fluid. It should always be washing fluid, but especially this time of year, so it doesn’t freeze.  

Speaking of not freezing, now it’s time to check the engine coolant. The ideal mix for most engines is a 50/50 split between antifreeze and water. It keeps the engine from overheating but still does not freeze, regardless of how cold it gets in Maryland or Virginia. To check it yourself, you can pick a cheap tester at an auto parts store. If you still aren’t certain, bring it into Wiygul, and we can do it for you. If you cannot remember the last coolant change, we can check to see if you need an engine flush as well.

Since you’re under the hood already, check the oil. If you are nearing your next oil change, consider getting it done now. Most cars and trucks use the same oil year-round, but some manufacturers recommend a different viscosity, or thickness, for the winter months since oil stays thicker when the weather gets cold. Your owner’s manual can provide the best information, but if you aren’t certain, contact your dealership or call us.

These are quick, easy-to-do checks you can perform in your garage or driveway. If you want to perform a complete winterization on your car or truck, bring it into Wiygul Automotive for thorough winter service. Call us at 866-702-8050 today to find the nearest Clinic near you and schedule an appointment.

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