auto maintenance February 03, 2020

5 Ways To Show Your Car Some Love

Our cars are often the unloved, unappreciated heroes in our lives. Yet they’re dependable, selfless and take us to any destination we desire. So, for February aka the month of Love, show your car some TLC. 

Here Are 5 Easy Tips:

Tip 1: Fix the small stuff - Wipers looking worn? Headlights cloudy? You’d be amazed how small fixes will improve the visual appearance of your car. 

Tip 2: Pay attention - Don’t ignore warning lights on your dashboard and be sure to address any unusual sounds or smells.

Tip 3: Clean out your car - If your glove box is rammed with fast food napkins, ketchup packets or dried out hand wipes, it’s time for a declutter. Use your glove box to store your vehicle’s manual and service receipts/warranties.

Tip 4: Accept love costs - To fully cherish your car, you can’t avoid spending money on it. Most cars have maintenance schedules programmed into their on-board computer, but all should have recommended service intervals within the manual.

Tip 5: Lighten your touch - Sometimes all your loved one needs is a hug. Since you can’t wrap your arms around your car, try the next best thing  - lose the heavy foot. Go easy on the brakes, lighten your foot on the pedals and consider learning a few more safety driving tips. Your car will love you for it.

Maintenance is key to any healthy relationship; what you don’t nurture dies. This also applies to your vehicle! Treat your car to regular maintenance to ensure a Happily Ever After relationship. 

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