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Brake Repair - Alexandria, VA

Not getting brake repair in Alexandria, VA, is dangerous, even lethal. The early signs of brake wear and tear and damage are small and easy to overlook. But experienced drivers know that having no brakes means not being able to stop in time. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

It is smart to keep a lookout for indicators of future brake failure. Like any car part, the components that make up your braking system deteriorate over time and can sustain damage from normal wear and tear.

5 Problems That Mean You May Need Brake Repair

1. Soft Brakes

Pushing down on the brake pedal should be firm, stopping about 1 to 1.5 inches from the car floor for power brakes, and 3 inches or more for manual brakes.

Spongy brakes probably mean air or moisture in the braking system. This is serious and the problem can’t wait. It is best to take the car in quickly to have a mechanic check it out.

2. Burning Odor

When the driver notices a chemical smell or burning odor when he drives, it indicates the braking system is overheated. It is essential to pull over and let the system cool down. Then head directly to a brake repair shop in Alexandria, VA, to have a trained mechanic figure out the cause.

If the driver sees smoke around the wheel, he needs to call a tow truck. The car is unsafe to drive. A mechanic needs to check the brake caliper, which is probably stuck.

3. Fluid Leaking from the Brakes

Fluid lubricates the many parts of the complex braking system. If a crack develops in the master cylinder or another section of the brake setup, fluid can easily drip out. This creates a hazardous condition.

A mechanic can figure out the source of the leak and fix it. This is the type of problem that is usually caught during a scheduled annual brake inspection.

4. Vibrations or Scraping 

If the rotor in the brake system is uneven, it can cause the vibrations in the steering or wobbling and scraping when the brake pedal is pushed. A mechanic can do an inspection, and do brake repair or replacement on the rotors in Alexandria, VA.

5. Strange Sounds

If the driver starts hearing strange squealing sounds or maybe squeaking or grinding, when he applies the brake pedal, it probably means a problem with the brake pad. A repair shop can replace the pads and get rid of the noise.

Work with an Experienced Brake Repair Shop

Wiygul Automotive Clinic has been helping the Washington, D.C. metro region for over four decades. The mechanics on staff have the training, experience, and tools to get the job done right, and for a reasonable price.

Wiygul handles all types of automotive repair and maintenance, including:

  • Brakes
  • Heating and cooling
  • Windshield wiper blades
  • Belts and hoses
  • Headlights
  • Muffler and exhaust
  • Tire and wheels
  • Engines
  • Drivelines
  • Tune-ups and oil changes
  • Transmission
  • Suspension and steering
  • Virginia State emissions and safety inspections

Don’t put off brake repair in Alexandria, VA. Call the experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic today.

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