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Does Your Centreville, VA Car Need Brake Service?

Centreville Motorists Listen to Your Brakes and Save

Taking care of the brakes on your car is an important job that every car owner should understand. The necessity of keeping up with brake maintenance in Centreville, VA cannot be overstated. Brakes wear down a little bit each time that you use them. Because of this it is inevitable that you will need brake service eventually. The key is to understand how your brakes work and make sure to have them looked at on time.

Most car brakes have a disc behind each tire, and an abrasive pad that clamps around the disc to provide the friction that stops the car. Brakes are hydraulically operated and need to have the proper amount of brake fluid to work well. Since brake fluid can last a very long time though, the usual maintenance required is simply changing out the brake pads. The brake pads wear down over time, and if it wears all the way to the metal you will hear a squealing noise when you drive. This comes from the metal on metal contact, and will damage the brake disc if you continue to drive the car. At that point not only will you have to replace the brake pads, but each brake disc as well. This is a much more costly repair, so hopefully you can see the importance of keeping up with proper brake service in Centreville, VA.

With good care, your brake discs can last for years. Brake pad repair is relatively cheap, so keeping up with brake service is as simple as remembering to have it done on time. By learning to listen for the sound of squealing brakes, you will be armed with the knowledge to keep your Centreville, VA car running safely for a good many years to come. If you have any more questions about how to take care of your car brakes, just give us a call. We’re always happy to talk with you and answer any questions that you might have.

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