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Brake Service - Herndon, VA

When your car starts to make grinding sounds when you come to a stop, start worrying. Your brakes are telling you they need work done, that something is wrong. The best way to avoid untimely messages like this is by getting scheduled brake service in Herndon, VA.

Your brakes are the most critical safety system on your car. If you can’t stop, you and your passengers are in danger every time you go for a drive. That’s why the experts at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommend preventive maintenance. It gives a skilled mechanic a chance to inspect your brakes, top off the fluid, and clean, repair or replace parts. Your brakes will stay in top-notch condition and you’ll be safe on the road. Any repair work will cost far less because the mechanic can catch it quickly, before it involves major labor and parts expenses.

But problems can and do happen. Here are 4 situations that demand immediate attention from a trained technician:

  • You hear a grinding noise when you stop the car.
  • You smell a burning odor when you push the brake pedal.
  • Your car makes jerky movements when you stop the car.
  • Your brake pedal is spongy, requiring extra pressure to bring the car to a stop.

Bring the car into Wiygul. An ASE-certified mechanic will do a free visual inspection of the pads and fluid. If he finds damage or wear and tear, he will recommend specific repair work. The team at Wiygul takes the time to explain what is going on in your brake system and what the repair will cost. He will answer your questions and avoid jargon when describing the problem. You will always know ahead of time how much the work will cost.

The most common types of brake repair work include replacing calipers, resurfacing rotors or replacing them, installing new pads, fixing the hose, or repairing the brake line or wheel speed sensor. Wiygul does ABS brake repair and ABS actuator and pump service. The skilled technicians on staff can handle brake work on all makes and models, old and new.

Wiygul knows that brake work can get expensive. That’s why they emphasize the benefits of a preventive maintenance schedule for brake service in Herndon, VA. The earlier the work is done, the cheaper it is.

But they also know problems are bound to happen. Drivers appreciate the Wiygul reputation for competitive pricing for work on all types of vehicles—cars, pickups and SUVs. You can find coupons on the website, and save even more money with the Wiygul 4 Life program and the VIP card.

Call Wiygul Automotive Clinic today for a free, no-obligation quote for brake service in Herndon, VA.


Herndon, VA

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