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Key Signs Your Car in Springfield, VA Needs Auto Service

Serving Springfield, VA with Quality Auto Service

Drivers is Springfield, VA, and everywhere probably know that their car needs routine maintenance and auto servicing, but with the daily demands of life combined with busy schedules, finding the time and energy for quality auto service for your car may be the last thing on your mind.

Here are a few key signs that your car may need an appointment with an auto service:

Squeaky Brakes

If you typically turn on the radio when you first start up your car, next time, take a minute to listen to your brakes when your car first starts moving without the radio playing. If you hear squeaky sounds when you begin to brake, that is usually an indication that your brake pads are wearing out, as well as possibly your tires. You will want to schedule an appointment with an auto service in Springfield, VA to have these inspected.

Trouble Starting

An auto service professional in Springfield, VA can help you if you have difficulty getting your car to turn over when turning your key in the ignition. This may be the sign of a more serious issue, such as the starter or alternator needing to be replaced. Although, it may just be a sign that you need a new battery, which shouldn’t cost too much.

Dust Buildup

When getting in your car in Springfield, VA, take a moment to swipe the dashboard checking for a buildup of dust. If dust keeps coming back even after cleaning and vacuuming, then you probably need to replace the filter in your car’s a/c unit. This filter typically needs to be replaced regularly, and an auto service provider can easily tell during a routine checkup if your filter needs to be replaced. While it may not seem like a big deal, it’s important for your health to ensure you are breathing in clean air.

These few key signs are easy to determine and take little to no time to check yourself. If you are concerned with any aspects of the function and safety of your car, the best step will be to find a quality auto service provider in Springfield, VA.

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