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Indications You Need a Brake Pad Replacement near Fairfax Station, VA

Bad Brakes? Brake Pad Replacement near Fairfax Station, VA

Stay Safe with Brake Inspection and Repair

It’s a sinking feeling when you step on the brake pedal, only to have the car continue moving forward. For safety sake, you need to be sure your vehicle will stop even in icy conditions or when you come across a stalled vehicle in your lane.

Your safety and that of other drivers on the road with you depends on how well your brakes work. Here is what you need to know and do to keep your brakes in tip-top condition and when to consider brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA.

What Do Brake Pads and Rotors Do?

The mechanic who checks your brake system will look at the brake pads and the rotors. Here is a look at how they affect your overall brake system.

Brake pads respond to the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal. The pads press down the rotor as it spins. The rotors are producing kinetic energy with each spin. That is transformed into thermal energy when the pressure of the brake pads reduce the speed of the rotor. Instead of forward progress, heat is produced when you brake.

This friction is the result of both hydraulic and mechanical pressure. Together they produce the resistance your car needs to safely come to a stop.

This heat also produces wear and tear. If you tend to brake hard quite often, your pads and rotors can deteriorate quickly. But both parts will eventually need to be worked on. They wear out eventually like every component in your car. Getting brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA, is a normal part of preventive maintenance.

What Are Bad Brakes?

Your brake system can go wrong in several ways. But there are several indicators, whatever the cause.

  • You hear grinding sounds when you hit the brake pedal.
  • Your car pulses when you brake, giving a jerky feel to the stopping process.
  • You need to really stomp on the brake pedal to make the car come to a halt.
  • Your brakes make strange sounds, both at high speeds and when you come to a stop.

These are signs of immediate trouble. The only way to pinpoint the cause is by taking your car to a reputable car repair shop with certified mechanics. They have the training and tools to figure out what is wrong with your brakes.

It never makes sense to wait when your brakes are involved. The ability to stop your vehicle is the most critical function you need for safety on the road.

How To Spot Problems

Though grinding noises are the most common, your brake system can also sound like squealing or whining coming from the area of your wheel well.

You will also notice poor traction. Just once is enough for most drivers. There is nothing more frightening on a wet road than pressing down on the brake pedal and have nothing happen. Brake problems are most noticeable when the weather is bad.

You can actually measure your brake pads. If the pad is less than 2/32 inch, you need brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA, immediately. Most drivers don’t carry around measuring tools for this type of job. The best way to find out the condition of your brake system is to bring your car into a repair shop that you trust. The mechanics can quickly do a professional brake inspection that will stop the guessing.

Do you hear and feel metal grinding against metal when you push down on the brake pedal? Then there is no need to measure the brake pad. The grinding indicates that you are past the time when you need brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA. Drive directly to a repair shop. You are a hazard to yourself and other drivers.

Get Your Brake System Inspected

It is important to replace these parts before they completely wear out. In some vehicles, that happens at the 10,000-mile mark, but on others, it can be 50,000 miles. That’s the big advantage of regular brake inspections. You will know for sure the condition of your brakes.

When you let repairs and replacement go too long, you end up with a high repair bill. In the case of brake pads and rotors, you could likely end up with an accident.

Brake pad replacement near Fairfax Stations, VA, as well as rotor replacement, should be part of your preventive maintenance. That is the most efficient way to handle wear and tear on these critical parts. But definitely be aware of changes in noises and the feel of the brake pedal when you drive. Once you notice a difference when you brake, don’t hesitate. Bring your car into a car repair shop right away.

Trust Your Brakes to Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Since 1996, smart drivers have trusted the expertise of the certified mechanics here at Burke Automotive. We have the training and tools for brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA. There is no need to wonder if your brakes are in need of repair. Our skilled mechanics can do a professional inspection, repair and replace as needed, and get you back on the road for safe driving.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic is a proud member of the local community. We support local high school booster groups at WT Woodson, Paul VI, Lake Braddock and Robinson. We work with Vehicles for Change, the Matthew Center for Children with Special Needs, the T. Reed Memorial Fund and In Hope Freedom Rings Scholarships.

We offer a wide range of products and services to keep you driving safely, including:

  • Brake service
  • Electrical service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • State safety inspections
  • State emissions inspections
  • Muffler-exhaust system repairs
  • Engine repairs
  • Computerized diagnostics
  • Suspension and alignment
  • Dunlop, Kelly and Goodyear tires

Call Wiygul Automotive Clinic today to schedule a brake pad replacement near Fairfax Station, VA.

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