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Learn To Keep Track Of Your Centreville Car Tires Air Pressure

Check Car Tire Air Pressure Every Month

Taking good care of your car tires will also help keep your vehicle on the road longer. It’s easy to forget about the importance of the tire, but the fact is that they are the only part of the car that comes in contact with the road. If anything goes wrong with your tires, the car will not be able to move. One simple thing that you can make a habit towards good tire care of is to check your car tires air pressure often. Tire pressure can be checked easily by purchasing a tire pressure gauge, and air pumps or filling stations can be found at most gas stations around Centreville, VA.

Under filled car tires can sink in the middle causing the tire to wear more on the edges, and an over filled tire will round out, so instead of the tire being flat against the ground, only the middle touches and it will wear out much faster. What you want to do is check your car manual for the suggested amount of air to put in your tire. Once you know what amount is the best, it’s a simple matter of checking each tire with your tire pressure gauge and adding or taking out a little bit of air every month or two. Depending on the temperature and time of year in Centreville, VA at the time, you may need to take out a little bit. Again look to your car manual for suggestions.

If you are unsure of what the best amount of air is we can help you figure it out. Give our Centreville, VA location a call and we’ll get you set on track with what you need to do. We can also answer any other questions that you might have at that time. We love getting the chance to meet with new customers and we look forward to talking with you and seeing you in person.

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