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What is Involved When Brakes Are Inspected near Fairfax Station, VA

Questions Answered About Brakes near Fairfax, VA

One of the most important systems on a vehicle are the brakes. If the brakes on a Fairfax Station, VA vehicle aren’t working properly, the consequences can be devastating. If the brakes can’t stop the automobile, accidents typically occur. This can be avoided when drivers have their brakes inspected at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. Since 1996, Wiygul Automotive Clinic has been committed to their customers and the safety of their vehicles. They understand that the customers have concerns, which is why they have put together this list of their clients most frequently asked questions.

1. What should be checked when brakes are being inspected near Fairfax Station, VA?

A vehicle’s brake system consists of several components that include rotors, calipers, pads, hoses, and cables. The technicians at Fairfax Station Wiygul Automotive Clinic will carefully inspect every component of the braking systems, including the fluid levels. If a problem is found, Fairfax Station Wiygul Automotive Clinic will immediately contact the customer and find an effective solution that meets all safety requirements and their client’s budget.

2. Why is important to pay attention to brake fluid levels?

When brakes are being inspected near Fairfax Station, VA, drivers want to make sure that the fluid level is checked. If the brake fluid is low, drivers might not be able to stop when needed. Brake fluid is responsible for ensuring that everything from the calipers to the pads works properly, and it is also one of the most important parts of the system. At Wiygul Automotive Clinic drivers can rest assured that their brake fluid levels will be checked during the inspection.

3. How often should drivers have their brakes inspected near Fairfax Station, VA?

The professionals at Wiygul Automotive Clinic recommend drivers have their brakes inspected once a year. Just like annual visits to the doctor to ensure good health, the same care should be given to a vehicle’s brake system. Not only will this help to ensure the safety of the car, truck or van, but it can also help drivers save money on repairs.

4. Are calipers an important part of the braking system?

If drivers want to be able to “stop on a dime,” they need their calipers to be in perfect working order. The calipers apply pressure to the brake pads so the vehicle can come to a complete stop when needed. When Wiygul Automotive Clinic is performing a brake inspection, they will check the calipers and ensure that the brake fluid is at optimum levels. This is only one of the components that will be checked when drivers bring the brakes to be inspected near Fairfax Station, VA.

5. What are brake pads?

Brakes on vehicles near Fairfax Station, VA and elsewhere come with pads. These pads are responsible for the friction that stops a vehicle. Over time the pads can become thin and worn, this will affect a vehicle’s ability to stop. Having pads checked annually will help ensure the driver’s safety, and that of everyone else on the road.

6. How does a vehicle’s brake system work?

The brake system on a vehicle is dependent on several parts. Each one must work properly in order to stop when needed. The staff at Wiygul Automotive Clinic understands how important each component is, and will pay close attention to every part during the inspection. The safety of their customers is their first priority, and this includes the brakes on all Fairfax Station, VA vehicles.

7. Is experience necessary in an automotive technician?

There is no denying that the brake systems on vehicles are getting more complicated. Some vehicles have computers that help to control the brakes, while others have additional components. If the technician isn’t familiar with the braking system, it will be impossible for them to perform a complete inspection, and this can put everyone’s safety at risk. At Wiygul Automotive Clinic the technicians have the experience their customers have come to depend on. Their familiarity with all types of vehicles ensures that they are more than capable of inspecting all types of braking systems.

8. Should the automotive technician be certified?

It is important for the automotive technician to be certified. Not only does this ensure that they have the knowledge necessary to work on brakes near Fairfax Station, VA, it is also required by the state. All vehicles must be inspected once a year by a certified technician. Failure to do so can result in expensive fines, and it also puts everyone’s safety at risk. Having the brakes inspected only takes a few minutes, and it is a part of responsible vehicle ownership.

9. Why is the brake hose so important and should it be checked?

The brake hose allows the fluid to travel to the calipers. When this happens, the pads are pressed down causing the vehicle to come to a stop. If there is a leak in the brake hose, drivers won’t be able to stop as quickly, and this can increase their chances of being involved in an accident. When drivers take their vehicles in to have their brakes checked near Fairfax Station, VA, they can rest assured that the hose will be carefully inspected. For more than twenty years, Wiygul Automotive Clinic has been keeping their customers’ vehicles operating safely and efficiently.

10. What are rotors and are they an important part of brakes on Fairfax Station, VA vehicles?

Each tire is connected to a rotor. The rotor must stop spinning in order for the tires to quit rotating. During the vehicle inspection, this part of the brakes will be carefully checked by the qualified mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic. They will pay close attention to every part of the braking system, so their clients can rest assured that their vehicles are safe to drive. It is this commitment to their customers’ safety that has earned Wiygul Automotive Clinic the trust and respect of their clients.

11. Can brakes near Fairfax Station, VA be inspected less frequently than once a year?

The experienced personnel at Wiygul Automotive Clinic stress the importance of annual brake inspections. Even if the driver doesn’t believe that there is a problem, annual vehicle inspections are important. Not every issue will be immediately noticeable, and when it comes to brakes, drivers never want to be caught unaware. A simple inspection every 12 months is crucial for safety, and it is also required by law. Failure to do so can result in expensive fines and even cause an accident.

12. Should a vehicle inspection include the brakes near Fairfax Station, VA?

When a vehicle is being inspected there are several things that should be looked over, and this includes the brakes. If the brakes are not working properly, the safety of everyone in and around the vehicle will be comprised. When drivers take their vehicles to Wiygul Automotive Clinic, they can rest assured that every part of the braking system will be carefully inspected. It is this commitment to their customers’ safety that has helped make Wiygul Automotive Clinic one of the premier automotive repair companies in the area.

13. How does a driver know when their brakes near Fairfax Station, VA need to be replaced?

When brakes need to be replaced there are usually several signs that drivers should be aware of. If there is a “squealing” noise, the pads probably need to be replaced. When the brake pedal feels “squishy” the fluid is probably low. It could also indicate a leak in the brake hose. When drivers take their vehicles into Wiygul Automotive Clinic, the technicians will resolve these and other common brake problems. Dedicated to ensuring their customer's safety, Wiygul Automotive Clinic will ensure that every part of a vehicle’s braking system is in perfect working order.

Along with brake inspections, Wiygul Automotive Clinic is proud to offer a full range of services to keep their customers’ vehicles running safely and efficiently. Wiygul Automotive Clinic prides itself on being an honest and reliable auto repair facility. Their two decades of experience make them uniquely qualified to work on all types of vehicles, both foreign and domestic. Their knowledge technicians care about the safety of their customers, and they are also committed to ensuring complete satisfaction. ASE certified and AAA approved, when brakes near Fairfax Station, VA need to be serviced, drivers know exactly where to take their vehicles.

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