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What Does The Check Engine Light Mean For Fairfax, VA, Vehicle Owners?

When Your Check Engine Light Comes On, What Do You Do?

Onboard diagnostics systems (OBDII) were legally required in all passenger vehicles by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as of 1996. The check engine light tells Fairfax, VA, motorists there is a malfunction in the fuel conversion process. If your dashboard icon lights up, see the Certified Emissions Repair Technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic for help diagnosing fuel combustion or computerized sensing and computerized engine management systems.

How The Check Engine Light Helps Fairfax, VA, Drivers Save Money

Initially, the check engine light told Fairfax, VA, drivers there was something wrong with their car engine. But a 1996 environmental law targeted reductions in auto emissions as a primary method of lowering dangerous levels of air pollution. The check engine light became Fairfax, VA drivers alert to trouble with their vehicle’s fuel efficiency as measured by monitoring tailpipe emissions. The oxygen sensor helps the OBDII computer system adjust the fuel combustion mixture for efficiency. It is the number one reason for your "check engine" light near Fairfax, VA, to come on. Although modern vehicle emissions are cleaner due to technological advances and emissions control strategies, accelerated emissions reduction is achieved when all vehicle systems are properly maintained. When an engine runs efficiently, handling and performance are enhanced, fuel is conserved, exhaust emissions are kept in check, and you save money. When your check engine light comes on in Fairfax, VA, you aren’t in danger - but you do need help from the ASE-certified, AAA approved, Certified Virginia Emissions Repair Technicians at Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

About Wiygul Automotive Clinic

Founded in 1996, Wiygul Automotive Clinic is the premier-quality, full-service, independent auto-repair facility in the Burke-Fairfax Station corridor. We are dedicated to our community and are passionately focused on customer value and safety. Our goal is to develop a partnership with our customers to keep their vehicles safe and dependable. To that end, at Wiygul Automotive Clinic we do everything within our control to build and earn trust with our clientele every day.

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