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State Approved Virginia Inspection Station near Centreville, VA

ASE-Certified Virginia Inspection Station near Centreville, VA

Near Centreville, VA, the Virginia inspection station operated by Wiygul Automotive Clinic gives drivers a chance to ask questions about the testing and what is wrong with the car. The station is staffed by ASE-certified mechanics who are experts in all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance.

The Safety Inspection

The safety inspection is mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The goal is to keep cars in good working condition to make driving on state roads safer for everyone.

The testing is done at a state-approved Virginia inspection station, like the one near Centreville, VA. The cost is $16 for SUVs, passenger cars, motorhomes, trailers, and pickups. For motorcycles, the price is $12.

Trained inspectors check 24 points on all vehicles. These include the driver’s seat, with its airbag, seat belt, and door. The brakes and parking brake are tested. Headlights, exterior lights, and signals are examined.

All the tires, rims, and wheels are looked at. The horn, defrosters, and wipers are tested. The mirrors, windshield, and window glass are examined. The engine fluids and belts are checked, as well as the hood latch.

The major systems in the vehicle are looked at, including steering, suspension, fuel, air pollution and exhaust.

The Emissions Inspection

The emissions inspection, which is also done at a Virginia inspection station like the one near Centreville, VA, checks how well the vehicle handles pollution control. Researchers discovered that cars and trucks accounted for most of the pollution taking over the Northern Virginia region. The emissions testing is a method of reducing pollution and improving air quality.

The cost is $28 and the test is good for two years. Vehicles that don’t require this type of test include those using green fuel or diesel, hybrids, motorcycles or vehicles over 25 years old.

The test must be passed by all other vehicles in the counties of Stafford, Arlington, Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun. The cities affected are Manassas Park, Alexandria, Manassas, Fairfax and Falls Church.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic, the Experienced Team

The skilled mechanics at Wiygul Automotive Clinic are all ASE-certified, trained in the most up-to-date technology and vehicle models. They use state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostics and best practices. The shop has earned a reputation for dependability, affordability, and excellent customer service.

Burke has been serving the community since 1996. As a proud member of the local area, it lends support to booster groups in local high schools like Robinson, Lake Braddock, Paul VI and WT Woodson. The shop works with the American Cancer Society, Matthew Center for Children with Special Needs, T. Reed Memorial Fund, and George Mason University.

Wiygul Automotive Clinic offers a full range of repair and maintenance services, including:

  • Dunlop, Kelly and Goodyear tires
  • Suspension and alignment
  • Electrical work
  • Engine service
  • Muffler-exhaust service
  • Brake service
  • Computerized diagnostics
  • Scheduled maintenance

For skilled emissions and safety testing, go to the Virginia inspection station near Centreville, VA, operated by Wiygul Automotive Clinic.

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