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Brake Service Signals for Drivers in Springfield, VA to Listen For

Listen to Your Springfield, VA Car about Brake Service

Having a professional brake service provider inspect your car’s brakes is the best and safest choice for drivers in Springfield, VA; however there are a couple of important noises to train your ear to listen for that can indicate a possible concern with your brakes.

Two of the main types of noises to listen for are squeaking and grinding of your brakes:

High-pitched squeaking/chirping when not applying the brakes

Due to modern brake manufacturer designs, you may hear an occasional squealing or squeaking even when not applying the brakes. This may not be an indication of necessary brake service, because of the way brake pads are now made with heavy, metal disks that can randomly make squealing noises. The time to pay attention to squeaking sounds is when you hear it while driving, and it ceases or changes tone when you do apply the brakes. This may be a sign that your brake pads are wearing thin. Schedule an inspection with your local brake service professional in Springfield, VA to have your brake pads’ integrity checked.

Grinding sounds when pressing on the brakes

This is the noise you hope to never hear coming from your brakes. The grinding noise is typically followed by a squeaking noise and is an indicator of damage to a rotor or drum caused from your brake pads being fully worn away. The grinding is from the metal caliper directly scratching against the rotor. An appointment with a brake service provider is the best, next step, since without repair, this problem can lead to total brake failure when driving in Springfield, VA during harsh weather conditions.

If you take the time to stop and listen to what your car is trying to tell you, then the best thing you can do is to immediately take your car to a brake service provider to have your brake’s inspected. This will help drivers in Springfield, VA to maintain the integrity of your vehicle, and potentially save yourself from an unsafe situation in the future.

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