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Reduce Your Car’s Pollution with an Emissions Inspection in Springfield, VA

Who Needs a VA Emissions Inspection and How are Emissions Montitored?

Drivers in Springfield, VA, don’t have to be afraid of getting an emissions inspection for your vehicle. Even though it may seem inconvenient or even intimidating, an emissions inspection can raise your awareness to the level of pollution your car is emitting into the environment, and help you to decide the next step towards a healthier lifestyle for yourself and fellow man, as well as a cleaner atmosphere for our Earth.

Here are a few steps you can take to ace your emissions inspection, and also reduce your environmental impact in Springfield, VA:

Cleaning the Filters in Your Car

The oil filter in your vehicle is designed to remove excess waste from the oil which passes through the engine system. If the oil filter is clogged with debris, then dirty oil will be passed through and can accelerate the wear on the engine, which will decrease your Springfield, VA car’s efficiency. The air filter helps to screen out dust and debris from the engine system, and when it is not routinely cleaned, your fuel combustion will deteriorate and the emission levels will rise. The fuel filter can attain rust over time caused by moisture and debris entering the tank, but unfiltered fuel can also lead to a decrease in efficiency and higher emissions.

Spark Plugs for Fuel Combustion

One of the main reasons for failure after an emissions inspection, is incomplete fuel combustion. Spark plugs are crucial for clean fuel burning, and if you feel any rough spots in your engine, then you will want to have your spark plugs inspected.

Tightly Sealed Fuel Cap

The next time you fuel up; check the fuel filler neck where the fuel cap seals onto it. Moisture can get trapped here when not properly sealed, causing rust to develop and furthering the seal problem. Before taking an emissions inspection, you will want to look at the rubber ring on the fuel cap for imperfections, such as cracking.

These are just a few of the steps you can easily check yourself before having your car undergo an emissions inspection, but ensuring these vital components are up to par, your driving in Springfield, VA, can be one more step closer to a cleaner environment for everyone.

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